Beta version of Lightning BIM Automatic and Optimal Rebar Layout released



Beta version of Lightning BIM Automatic and Optimal Rebar Layout has been released!

We are delighted to announce that Arent, a company promoting the highly complicated DX by engineers, has developed Autodesk Revit Add-in “Lightning BIM Automatic and Optimal Rebar Layout” which is capable of reducing the rebar arrangement man hours by maximum of 90%.

[Product Description]

Product Name: Lightning BIM Automatic and Optimal Rebar Layout Regular Price: ¥840,000/year (excl. tax)

*A volume discount available. Contact our representatives for details.

Licensing Type: One-year subscription Required Revit Version: Revit 2020 or newer (2020/2021/2022)

Picking up some example cases, Arent, a company with a deep knowledge of the construction industry, has demonstrated that it has the consultation and development capabilities for executing everything from A to Z of a DX project. In the past two decades, low productivity has been a huge issue in the construction industry as it has not made any improvement due to factors such as the declining workforce, retirement of highly-experienced engineers, and low R&D rates. To solve these issues, Arent is strongly advocating the promotion of global innovation through digitization of big industries.

[Free Trial]

From today until May 31, we are accepting an application for the one-month free trial, which will be available only to five companies. (Consult us for the number of accounts you need.) Please make sure to check the details from “CONTACT” at the bottom of the product page before contacting us.
*Note that this offer may end early without prior notice depending on the status of application acceptance.