Development of SaaS

through co-creation

to accelerate DX

in the construction


By finding “tacit knowledge,” which is beneficial to the industry, and by turning it into SaaS as a product that anyone can use, we further promote DX in the construction industry that is considered to be difficult due to multilayer subcontracting and due to the situation in which knowledge is held only by certain people.


Making “tacit knowledge,” a key to solving issues,
accessible to more people
Under the mission statement of “Democratizing tacit knowledge,” Arent offers SaaS products through its outward sales division to make them accessible to a wide variety of companies and individuals, continuously launching both in-house-developed and co-developed products.


  • Lightning BIM
    Lightning BIM
    • Architecture/Structure

    A software for leading the evolution of BIM, which helps you reduce work while preserving creativity

    “Lightning BIM Automatic and Optimal Rebar Layout” is a software program for facilitating the burdensome, time-consuming work of laying out rebars in all phases of a project, including structural analysis, preparation of structural drawings, consideration of fit and finish, and preparation of working drawings and rebar specifications sheet. Not only does it conform to Autodesk Revit, a global CAD software, it also accommodates the needs in Japan.

  • PlantStream
    • Plants/Piping
    • Plants/Process

    “Turning experts’ knowledge into algorithms”

    The industrial plant industry had serious design-related issues such as personnel burden and environmental burden that had been left untouched. PlantStream was launched with a goal of bringing a definitive solution to the world by developing and providing an autonomous CAD software. It succeeded in turning experienced engineers’ expertise into algorithms and in digitizing work. As opposed to the conventional pipe routing method that would take four hours per pipe, the new solution is capable of determining the layout of 1,000 pipes per minute. This success led to the breakaway from the labor-intensive business model and also to the discovery of a clue to solving the problem of decline in the working population.