Takehito Miki becomes new CRO



Takehito Miki became CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) of Arent Inc. on October 1, 2022.

Biography: Takehito Miki After graduating the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, Miki joined Keyence Corporation. At Keyence, he worked as a consultant and as a sales representative handling FA equipment for clients in the manufacturing industry, supporting the automation of the clients’ factories. Later he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. and launched a new line of business called “General Center for Business Succession for Owner-Presidents” as the project manager. As the project manager and the group manager for the project, he successfully led the team consisting of about 25 members. After working in corporate planning at Amazon Japan G.K., he joined Arent Inc. in October 2022. *In Japan, the term “owner-president” refers to a person who is acting as both the owner and the president of the company. To see the press release, click on the link below: